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100 Days, 100 Books

100 Days, 100 Books

Author Rusty True Browder
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date January 2018
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780692999103
100 Days, 100 Books: Courage and Community in Books for Young People highlights fiction and nonfiction books reflecting values of resourcefulness, justice, courage, creativity, and respect for and participation in a vital democracy. Selections include classic and recently published titles, with a variety of genres and reading levels. Many are about life in America, historically and in the present. It is an excellent resource for educators, parents, community groups and others seeking to share good books and the ideas they introduce. The author draws on four decades of professional experience with children and books, and a passion for the power of literature to inform and inspire.
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This is a book that I'd like to give every teacher and teacher candidate, as well as libraries and families. It is an opportunity to discover both classic and contemporary titles that are rich in their potential and possibility." Susannah Richards, Professor, Education, Storrs, CT

Susannah Richards
May 17, 2018


100 Days, 100 Books is a thoughtful and inspiring compilation of books for young people. Rusty True Browder's summary of each book captures its essence, and will tempt readers of all ages to head to the bookstore or library. This book is meant to be shared. My wife and I have given copies to friends and family -- including educators, librarians and clergy -- and each has requested additional copies. The book's subtitle "Courage and Community in Books for Young People" succinctly describes why this book is perfect for today's world.

S. Hunter, Michigan
March 25, 2018


What an interesting and useful book Rusty True Browder's 100 Days, 100 Books is! It not only informed me of many of the fine books now available to young people, it brought back favorite memories of my own young reading years. Browder's selections are not what I read in southwestern Kansas in the early 1950s, of course. But the same kinds of fascinating topics were there--histories in the Landmark Series, and biographies and people’s courageous adventures. I could load up my arms at the library and leave that room anticipating hours of pure delight! The books spoke to me: "Here is the best and most interesting of your world. In a corner of dry, wind-swept Kansas, you can see all the corners of the rest." It was magic and miracle rolled into one. It's interesting and fun to imagine the books Browder writes about speaking likewise to young readers today, including (particularly) my own grandchildren. So, thanks to the author for doing all this, making it possible for a septuagenarian grandmother to peek into the reading world of her grandchildren, who live far away in different states. A lot of work for the author, but a lot of good in her work.

M. Novak, Virginia
March 17, 2018
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