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Memoirs of a Spaghetti Cowboy

Memoirs of a Spaghetti Cowboy

Author Thomas O'D Hunter
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date 2015
Section Biography / Espresso Book Machine Books / Film / Printed Here
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781495146008

 Tom Hunter has made B movies in some of the world’s most dangerous places. This lively, unpredictable memoir chronicles his life in film. But Hunter also tells of being a two-year-old runaway, a teenager who loses his virginity and meets Joe McCarthy the same weekend, a Marine Corps officer, a top Ford model and a stage actor cast - and fired- by Edward Albee. Hunter’s adventures, recounted in fascinating detail and with suspense and humor, include writing and packaging The Final Countdown, with Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen... and somehow surviving ten years of la dolce vita in Rome. 

"The Final Countdown is as impressive a statement about the value and values of professional fighting men as one could hope to find these days. This realism also lends credibility to the fantastic tale unfolding aboard the mighty ship. In fact, at a time when movies are increasingly preoccupied with the inexplicable and supernatural, The Final Countdown is one of the few films in this juvenile vein that are adult, intelligent and entertaining." - Time Magazine


About Softly Walks the Beast, Hunter's first novel: 

"As spine-tingler's go, 'Beast' is a beauty. Fear keeps pages turning... Hunter seesaws adroitly between eerie moods and the equally unsettling normalcy of a handful of epigoni carrying on daily life. His chapters play like movie scenes, his suspence paced like Hitchcock, his exquisite metaphoric imagery - a baby is born, a tiger swallowtail hatches a rapacious skimmer - evoking Bergman." -Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Post-holocaust novels have practically become a new genre, and this is an unusually good, well observed example." - Publisher's Weekly

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