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Always Wondering…

Always Wondering…

Author W. Shorr, S. Hoidn, C. Lowry, E. Cavicchi, Editors
Publisher Critical Exploration Press
Publication Date 11/13/13
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780989376600

This volume provides an artful introduction to the life and work of Harvard Professor, Eleanor Ruth Duckworth. Teacher, learner, researcher, dancer, and social activist, Duckworth has influenced generations of teachers through her surprisingly radical pedagogical stance, Critical Exploration in the Classroom.

Teachers, students, and colleagues provide sumptuous narratives of personal and social transformations through stories, poems, letters, and essays that invariably return to Duckworth, the courses she taught, and her insatiable appetite for wonder and reflection.

Anyone who wishes to rethink educational practice and policy will find themselves intrigued by the work described here. Critical Exploration in the Classroom recasts the core issues of education through its unwavering focus on profound learning without sacrificing equity. Carrying readers into the heart of learning, we recommend Always Wondering… to deep-thinking teacher educators, students, policy makers, administrators, teachers of all subject matters and passionate learners of all stripes.

Contributors include: Armstrong, Ball, Bamberger, Boothroyd, Cavicchi, Chiu, Cifone, Cirino, Collins, Croft, DelPrete, Eng, Engel, Featherstone, Fishback, Gelenian, Gillis, Goldberg, Goldberg, Graham,  Grobman, Harouni, Hoidn, Kamii, Keller, Klein, Klingaman, Lowry, LuttrellMagau, Mayer, McCusker, McKinney, Meier, Naso, Nichols, Sanchez, Savage,  Shorr, Smith, Steinitz, Stoleroff, Strieb, Sturiale, Szokolyai, Tai, Thomas-Clark, Vaisenstein, Walizer, Wooley, Yow, Zinn.

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I guess there aren't any cartoons, and there's no "around the town" or advertising. But other than that it reminds me of a special "Eleanor Duckworth" and "Critical Exploration" issue of the New Yorker, with poetry, art, stories, essays, and letters. It has been easy to pick up for 10-15 minutes at a time, and I continue to find little thought-provoking treasures.

April 30, 2014


A beautiful looking book, and since it is dedicated to Eleanor I'll be sure to read as soon as I can

November 13, 2013

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