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Antoine Cucheron of France

Antoine Cucheron of France

Author Jonathan Shaw
Publication Date 6/2014
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Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781630683573


Antoine Cucheron of France and the Coucherons of The Netherlands & Norway – Three Generations of Fortification Engineers


$17.00         Harvard Bookstore [], 2014


            Spanning three countries – France, The Netherlands, and Norway – during the turbulence of 17th century siege warfare, this historical & genealogical account provides new insights and new data about the life and times of a Dutch fortification engineer. A Huguenot, he fled La Rochelle, France, and settled in the northern provinces of the Netherlands where in 1610 he studied fortification design at the University of Franeker and commanded a engineering company for the Dutch Republic during the Eighty Years War with Spain. His son, Willem Coucheron, designed fortifications for the Republic’s West India Company colony of Brazil and later as Norway’s Quarter-master General.

            This 95 page soft-cover book is 9”h x 6”w, with ten illustrations from the 17th century, and has required extensive research in Dutch & Norwegian archives and libraries. This is the second edition with addiitional illustrations and genealogical and historical data.

            The author is Jonathan Shaw who has published articles in America’s leading historical/genealogical publication, the “Register” of the New England Historical & Genealogical Society. His wife was born in Norway and grew up there, and is a descendant of Huguenot Antoine Cucheron of France and the Netherlands.




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Shaw has performed a remarkable feat of scholarly, genealogical research, reaching back into the 16th c. to trace the migration of this Huegenot family of brilliant early rampart designers. He has found not only rare written documents requiring translation from several languages, but also sketches of the fortifications themselves. Those interested in engineering of the period, in migration patterns, and in the family itself will welcome Shaw's little volume.

February 5, 2013
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