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Around the World: An Anthology of Travel Writing

Around the World: An Anthology of Travel Writing

Author Harvard Book Store
Publisher Espresso Book Machine
Publication Date August 8, 2015
Section Anthologies / New Titles - Paperback / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN X30005

What is travel writing?

We think, simply put, that travel writing is an attempt to understand those things that happen to us when we are not at home. When we find ourselves in the unfamiliar. When we get away and discover someplace new.

Come Around the World with Harvard Book Store and our new anthology of travel writing—edited and assembled in the summer of 2015, and printed on our in-store book-making machine, Paige. 

It’s hard for a bookstore to get away (all that brick and mortar), but we think reading about travel is a close second to the real thing. Travel writing takes us somewhere new and different. Or somewhere familiar, seen through someone else’s eyes.

We hope these essays will take you away. Even if it’s only for a few pages. 


Around the World includes travel writing by the following authors:

  • Lauren Jo Alicandro
  • Kristin Amico
  • Kitty Beer
  • Katie Feldman
  • Katy Llonko Gero
  • Ann Goodsell
  • Jane Eaton Hamilton
  • Sue Hertz
  • Kyle Ingrid Johnson
  • Megan Low
  • Stephen J. Lyons
  • Ariel Maloney
  • James Murphy
  • Paulina Reso
  • Michael Sano
  • Maia Silber
  • Jodie Noel Vinson
  • Taline Voskeritchian

Cover art by Judy Dombrowski


Featured on "Harvard Book Store releases a travel anthology that’s printed in-house by a robot"


Loved Jodie Vinson's essay. A must read.

August 15, 2015

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