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Bench Notes II: A Judges Continued Reflections and Advice for his Grandchildren

Bench Notes II: A Judges Continued Reflections and Advice for his Grandchildren

Author Paul A. Chernoff
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date 2014
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Law & Legal Issues / Printed Here
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781495131738

The judge has mined almost one hundred vignettes from teachable moments on the bench. The stories are entertaining and contain words of wisdom for his grandchildren and others. If you have not yet read the first “Bench Notes,” you need not delay in reading this, there are no prerequisites. Together they are a gem.

The emotions range from the agony of a courtroom tragedy where a beloved 51-year-old attorney collapses with a fatal brain aneurism five feet from the judge to the ecstasy of the judge performing a probationer’s wedding in the courtroom. From the horror of dealing with a Hiroshima survivor to the humor following the performance of a colleague’s wedding, and from the lawyer who floored us by outright lying to the judge to the hockey great who picked us up and restored our faith in human nature. Our self-effacing judge describes missing a personal meeting with President Johnson, enclosing the wrong admissions essay with his college application, and almost being blamed for someone’s misuse of a state vehicle. Please come along for the ride.

The judge is supported in many of these endeavors by his resort to the wisdom of Robert Frost, whose poetry is a mantra for the judge and his grandchildren.

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