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Author Beth Birnbaum
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date 2014
Section Biography / Espresso Book Machine Books / Personal Growth / Poetry / Printed Here
Format paperback
ISBN 9780692301333

Bittersweet: A Memoir began as a notebook of poems written following the loss of Beth Birnbaum’s one month old baby boy in 1980 from Sudden Infant Death. That notebook was an essential companion in her journey through grief for the year following her loss and, ultimately, became a passport out of grieving. While raising three more children over three decades, Beth wrote more poems marking anniversaries and also the particular joy and character of her children.  When her youngest child left for college in 2010, thirty years after the first baby’s loss, Beth found herself remembering some of the most powerful moments of her  grief and, also, the most soulful and sweet moments with her three children.

Bittersweet, a mix of poetry and prose, is a thirty-five year chronicle of one mother’s journey from darkness to light, from loss to fullness, from bitterness to sublime sweetness unimaginable in the depths of sudden loss – a book that can hopefully bring a measure of comfort and courage to people struggling privately with their own loss and grief.

About the Author:

Beth K. Birnbaum, LICSW, BCD, is a clinical social worker in private practice for many years.  She lives in Newton, MA.


A review by Michael Pappone:

"I had the luxury of reading Beth Birnbaum's 'little' book in an empty house without interruption, and followed her family's journey through loss and recovery. It is a huge piece of work, elegiac, connecting the heart and the intellect seamlessly as it traces her loss of an infant. Writing can be therapy, and good therapeutic writing can be fine art. That is what Beth has given us in sharing her memories and deep feelings over the course of years. Prose does not get much closer to poetry than this.

If you are a care-giver, a therapist, one who has experienced loss close to you or know someone who has, you should read and share this book."

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