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A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers

A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers

"I know map books are a Big Thing right now. I know that there are about a million of them out there clamoring for your attention. I know most of us (tragically) can't buy them all. But if you're going to buy one (and let's face it, you probably should--map books are pretty great), this is your book. Just open it. You'll see why."

Serena L.

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Author Antonis Antoniou
Publisher Gestalten
Publication Date 2013-02-28
Section Design / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Serena L.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9783899554694

Maps help us understand the world. This book features the most original and sought-after map illustrators whose work is in line with the zeitgeist. Drawing a map means understanding our world a bit better. For centuries, we have used the tools of cartography to represent both our immediate surroundings and the world at large--and to convey them to others. On the one hand, maps are used to illustrate areal relationships, including distances, dimensions, and topographies. On the other, maps can also serve as projection screens for a variety of display formats, such as illustration, data visualization, and visual storytelling. In our age of satellite navigation systems and Google Maps, personal interpretations of the world around us are becoming more relevant. Publications, the tourism industry, and other commercial parties are using these contemporary, personal maps to showcase specific regions, to characterize local scenes, to generate moods, and to tell stories beyond sheer navigation. A new generation of designers, illustrators, and mapmakers are currently discovering their passion for various forms of illustrative cartography. A Map of the World is a compelling collection of their work--from accurate and surprisingly detailed representations to personal, naïve, and modernistic interpretations. The featured projects from around the world range from maps and atlases inspired by classic forms to cartographic experiments and editorial illustrations.

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