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Captured Mind

Captured Mind

Author William Brown
Publication Date 08/2013
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN x9283

I have written this book to clear my mind, after a battle with the fall out of my past, known as; (The wreckage of the past). I have touched insanity, and now know why some people want to leave this beautiful world we live in.

I am a first generation immigrant and was unable to grasp the education avenue that our society offers us, and I believe that we need to have education more freely available to all.  

I landed in Brookline, MA, one of the best school systems in the country, Sixth through eighth grade at William H Lincoln School. We had open class room in which I excelled;  I could not read or write so I missed out on a higher education. I was told in high school I would not succeed, I believe I was never approached for college.

A lot of people died around my neighborhood so there was trauma and loss in the 70s. In Brookline, I was beaten, had guns pointed at me, recovered from addiction, cancer and insanity, I wrote this book to see if I could help any one.

Isn’t life great!               

"As an avid reader, I was anxious to get my hands on The Captured Mind.  Poetry isn't usually my choice - however, I was grabbed by Bill's ability to articulate what is so often trapped in the minds of all of us.  It seems as if The Captured Mind can speak for many of us who can't, it puts a voice to all who suffer from some sort of mental illness or another, and for those who didn't survive the mental torture.

Mr. Brown might have had a Captured Mind, but it feels as if his words have set him free."
                    Catherine Collins

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Brilliant!!! Finally a map out of Hell! Authentic, Real and raw ,requires an acquired taste 4truth,  some tender,some tough . All the while I know I'm on deep uncharted waters (unedited)I grab a life vest , I hang on,its worth the ride! Written as a feast of Syllables at a banquet of a family reunion sprinkled with all its Love ,distortion and enough sense of humor, i find myself smiling in this "Captured Mind", its honesty is freeing ,I Love it!! Thank you William Brown!!! Joan Woodward

Joan Woodward
August 28, 2013

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