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Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes

Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes

"Do you remember those 'Play With Your Food' books and calendars? This takes the same idea to a much higher plane. I am totally captivated by the charm and ingenuity on display here. “OMG, that water is really fish! That's London done in asparagus!” (On the other hand, a small voice in my head keeps telling me 'You know, people are starving in Africa....') Vegetarians may want to hurry past the salami-and-prosciutto landscapes, but I find this book irrationally appealing."

Alan H.

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Author Carl Warner
Publisher Abrams Image
Publication Date 2010-10-01
Section Photography / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Alan H.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780810989931

In recent years, Carl Warner’s photographs have been unofficially circulating on the Internet and in mass e-mailings, to the pleasure of thou­sands upon thousands of viewers. Now, these images and many new ones are collected in one volume.

In the spirit of Play with Your Food, Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes is a colorful and fantastically imaginative collection of landscapes constructed entirely from fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, fish, meat, and grains. The book offers a trip around the world in 25 international tableaux constructed from appropriate regional ingredi­ents. Each photo is spectacular on its own, but the effort of constructing it is equally fascinating. Every image in the book is followed by an essay about the creative process and stories from the photo shoots, as well as behind-the-scenes material such as preliminary sketches, making-of photos, detail shots, and a list of the ingredients and their position in the final picture.

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