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Author Lisa Rehfuss
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date December 2016
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type new
Format paperback
ISBN x15225


We all have life stories that give us goose bumps, yet the sheer volume and “creep factor” of our family stories are such that I have to wonder “what gives?”

It’s certainly made me question the age-old argument of fate versus free will. Are we set up, fated to a prearranged destiny? Does everything happen for a reason? If life is built on destiny’s shoulder, if we are nothing but mere marionettes, then there’s no hope in changing the underlying creepy theme.

Or, does free will play a part? And if so, at least in my universe where the “creep” continues, it makes me wonder about the choices I make that time and again place me in creepy, unsettling situations. Perhaps within these stories a common thread will be found and maybe, just maybe, it can be unraveled in order for me to live the rest of my remaining days outside the “creep.”

What a quest!

Obviously I can’t recall exactly what our conversations were when all this went down in the 1960’s, but the framework is right. In other words, the stories are true, even though there is a slight embellishment of the reenactment and some liberty with dialogue.

Before you begin, you should know that many of these stories don’t reveal who-done- it, nor answer the ultimate question - why. For those of you who look for resolutions, solutions, a proper ending that is neatly served with a shot of whiskey, you won’t find it here in these stories.

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