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Froggie’s Mysterious Dream

Froggie’s Mysterious Dream

Author Kat G. Taylor
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date 2014
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781631110108
First came the drawings, over a period of months. They emerged out of my subconscious, creating creatures I’ve never seen before. Then came the quest to discover how they were meant to connect with people out in the world, over another period of many months. Finally came the production of this book. It has been a two-year odyssey of learning to do this type of drawing/writing work that I’ve never done before.
There are 12 characters in the book, each with its own chapter and pen & ink drawing. Each chapter has two parts: 1) “In My Dream”, where I write as though the drawing is from a dream and I am recording it in my dream journal. And 2) “In My Daylight”, where I use my conscious thinking and my intuition as though I am journaling about what the dream means to me in my life.
The characters represent a variety of personality parts that are an integral part of me. As I worked on each drawing I felt as though I was simply an observer as each creature or other aspect of myself evolved. My inner personality parts interacted with me as I drew so they each could come to the fore and show themselves. And then when I wrote about each part they again worked with me so that I felt like I was channeling what they each wanted me to say about them. It was an amazing experience.
I leave the drawings in the original black and white. Each person who has looked at them sees different things within the drawing. Over time I have found that the drawings speak differently to different personalities. If I were to add color where I wanted to I’m afraid I would inadvertently guide people to see only what I see.
This book can be used as a guide for your own personal journey, as an inspiration to draw or journal, or to inspire your own mysterious dreams.
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