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Here I Am

Here I Am

Author J.R. McCabe
Publisher Rainville Books
Publication Date April 2018
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780692058640
When twenty-nine-year-old Juliet agrees to be set-up on a blind date by her real estate broker, she isn’t expecting much. But after eight months of nursing the wounds of a tumultuous public breakup with a fellow newscaster it’s time to get back in the New York City dating game. What arrives ends up being much more than a rebound, as Juliet slowly discovers that her new love interest, Tzvi, an Israeli businessman and surfer, is part of a secret transcendental world operating in the hidden caverns of the city far from the glamorous happenings of Manhattan life. A simple invitation from Tzvi to kickoff the summer in Montauk initiates Juliet into the study of ancient spiritual teachings known simply as The Work. Within months of practicing The Work, Juliet begins to attract inexplicable cosmic forces, fascinating characters, and wild adventures that transform her world. She walks away from the fast-paced intensity of the New York news business and begins to play observer, witness, and healer to herself — with a simple yet confounding spiritual aim — to discover the person she was truly meant to be, by letting go of all that she has already become. 

J.R. McCabe is a writer and entrepreneur. Her debut novel, Trance of Insignificance, was released in 2011. J.R. spent twenty years working in media, entertainment, and politics in New York City — most notably as a TV reporter, documentary filmmaker, and campaign advisor. She lives in Westchester County, New York with her husband. 
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