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On Its Way
Image Generation

Image Generation

Author John Cayley
Publisher Veer Books
Publication Date 2015
Section Poetry
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781907088827

Original and generated writing, language art making compositional use of computation and the network. "John Cayley is a poet of thoughtful process and this collection both embodies and reflects upon the workings of his/our language. Critical insight about process moves through the depths and shallows of personal imagery here, pulling insight to the surface of attention, like a figure always in/on moving water, shifting even as we apprehend it. Recognition of the digital, networked, electronic conditions of composition are everywhere, but this is not a book about technology, rather, it is a work conceived within the multiple mediations of how, now, poetic forms come into being within 'the commons of language.'" - Johanna Drucker

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