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Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea: Discovering Producing Regions and their Teas

Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea: Discovering Producing Regions and their Teas

"Every book on tea that I have read is limited, with a view of tea that is either strictly European or Asian. But, tea is universal. Tea has found its way into the cups of every culture. Its history is as old as humankind. Jane Pettigrew's book has the extensive exploration of tea that I've been searching for. From Mauritius to Argentina, all tea is included with information on the farms, soil, and of course, the tea itself. For any tea fanatic, this is the best book you can have on the subject."

Audrey S.

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Author Jane Pettigrew
Publisher Hoffman Media
Publication Date 2018-06-15
Section Wines And Spirits / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Audrey S.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781940772516

All around the world, there is a growing interest in specialty teas. Just as wine lovers want to learn more about wine producing regions of the world, so tea lovers are seeking out similar information. Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea explores more than 60 tea-producing countries, explaining their history, terroir, variety of cultivars, manufacturing processes, types, local tea culture, and rituals. Featuring detailed maps and beautiful full color photography on every page, Jane Pettigrew's World of Tea is the only guide to tea you'll ever need.

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