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Kiss Number 8

Kiss Number 8

"Instead of a mother who doesn't care or understand her teenage daughter, what about a mother who listens and grows because of it? Instead of a protagonist who puts herself in a box to get the girl, how about one who learns her own self-worth? Instead of a simple, overused story about a school project gone awry or a fight with a best friend, how about something a little more substantial, a little more original? Kiss Number 8 doesn't even acknowledge the old tropes, and strives for a story that is new, and worthy of the complicated protagonist who must navigate it."

Audrey S.

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Author Colleen AF Venable
Publisher First Second
Publication Date 2019-03-12
Section Children's Graphic Novels / All Staff Suggestions / Suggestions for Kids / Audrey S.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781596437098

Mads is pretty happy with her life. She hangs out with her best friend Cat, she goes to church with her mom and dad, she goofs off with Adam from next door (who might as well be her little brother) and she kind of muddles through high school. It's great, it's fine, until it isn't anymore. Because Adam is in love with Mads. And Mads is in love with Cat. And Mads's dad is hiding something big-something that could tear their family apart. Suddenly Mads's tidy little life has gotten epically messy-and epically heartbreaking. But when your heart is broken, it takes more than eight awkward, uncomfortable, tooth-clashing, friendship-ending kisses to put things right again. It takes at least nine.

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