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Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England

Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England

Author Harvard Book Store
Publisher Harvard Book Store
Publication Date 10/2012
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN x7566

We at Harvard Book Store hail from regions far and wide, but we share a special place in our hearts for our current stomping ground, New England. Home to baseball mania and lobster cookouts, bitter winters and peaceful beaches, picturesque towns and bustling cities, our history-laden corner of the country has long inspired writers to put pen to paper.

With that in mind, in late summer of 2012, we launched our New England Essay Contest, collecting short essays (no more than 1,500 words) about or set in New England. We received almost one hundred entries, from lifelong New Englanders and more recent arrivals, each with a different perspective on the region. We spent weeks whittling the list down to the twenty-five that appear here. The result is Paige Leaves, a new anthology printed here at Harvard Book Store on Paige M. Gutenborg, our book-making robot.

Paige Leaves includes essays by the following authors:

  • Connie Biewald
  • Lindsey Mead
  • A.J. Kandathil
  • J.C. Elkin
  • Christy Anthony
  • Shava Nerad
  • Kevin A. O'Brien
  • Linda Werbner
  • Gila Lyons
  • Charlene Smith
  • Adriana Cloud
  • Walter C. Carrington
  • Bethany Ericson
  • Vijaysree Venkatraman
  • Michio Painter
  • Heidi Koelz
  • Michelle Bushee
  • Jessica Mann
  • Tom Elliott
  • Shan Wang
  • Tom Dolan
  • Marykate Jasper
  • Colin D. Halloran
  • Áine M. Greaney
  • Nicholas Nardini

Thanks to our contributors, judges, and thank you for checking out Paige Leaves!

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