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Peter’s Psycho-Ed Handouts

Peter’s Psycho-Ed Handouts

Author Peter Pruyn
Publication Date March 2019
Section Printed Here / Psychology
Type New
Format Booklet
ISBN 9780578459714

From the author: "As a trauma therapist, whenever I realize that I've given the same psycho-educational mini-lecture to multiple clients, I create a one-page handout that summarizes the topic.  After doing this for five years, I have more than thirty handouts.  At the encouragement of colleagues, I have put them together in a collection for other therapists to use with their clients.  These handouts cover three broad categories: handouts about trauma treatment and recovery; handouts about EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing); and general psychotherapy.  The page opposite each handout contains notes to therapists about the origins and use of the handout."


The Table of Contents

1. What is Trauma?
2. The Wide Range of Possible Trauma Symptoms
3. A Three-Part Model of the Brain
4. The Window of Tolerance
5. Why We Get Triggered
6. A Three-Phase Model of Trauma Treatment and Recovery 
7. Trauma Processing
8. What is EMDR?
9. The Arc of EMDR Treatment
10. EMDR Memory Processing
11. EMDR SUD/VOC Scales
12. EMDR Unfinished Target Memory Reevaluation Sheet 
13. The Spectrum of Dissociation
14. Affect Phobia
15. An Introduction to Mindfulness
16. Self-Compassion Exercise
17. A Spectrum of Personal Boundaries
18. The Development of ‘The Self’
19. One Way of Thinking about Guilt and Shame
20. Anger Ladder
21. Experimenting with Expressing Anger
22. Intensity of Feelings Chart
23. Causes and Treatment of Anxiety
24. Causes and Treatment of Depression
25. A Spectrum of Suicidal Thoughts
26. Causes of Addiction Jigsaw Puzzle
27. Addiction Recovery Jigsaw Puzzle
28. Acceptance and Change Worksheet
29. Finding Time for Self-Care
30. North Star Quote


Peter Pruyn has assembled a compendium of comprehensive yet simply-presented diagrams and outlines that can serve not only to make the world of trauma understandable to clients but also to help anchor clinicians in their therapeutic work.

Roberta Fortgang
May 29, 2019


Such a beautiful collection of helpful handouts!

Julie Foss
March 13, 2019


I reviewed these handouts and found them to be a helpful tool in not only teaching clients about traumabut also a roadmap for treatment , thanks Peter!!

Kim Spooner
March 13, 2019

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