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Pride and Perseverance: A Story of Love and Courage, My Recipe for Success

Pride and Perseverance: A Story of Love and Courage, My Recipe for Success

Author Donna Franca Franzaroli
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date September 2016
Section Biology / Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Format paperback
ISBN x14919
Franca Franzaroli was born and raised in Rome, Italy. She received her teaching degree from the Magistero University in Rome where she was trained as a Montessori teacher, and taught third grade in an all-girls school before marrying and moving to Boston in 1955.
Pride and Perseverance is the story of my life. It begins with my childhood during the Second World War, when I came to understand the meaning of privation and terror with German occupation and the Allied bombings of Rome, the city where I was born. It then follows my formative years in Italy - what I learned in and out of school, especially what my extended family taught me about being resourceful and productive. Thus, in relating the humble traditions of my grandparents and, moreover, the strong heritage of my mother and father, who left their good farming families in Tuscany for a better life in Rome, my story is about what made me the person I am today, along with my pride in being Italian.
It is also about my perseverance -- in my personal and professional life. I narrate both my triumphs and hardships in the U.S. as the twenty-two year old bride of an American GI, and later as the mother of four children; and I recount how I turned negative circumstances into positive outcomes through determination and hard work. As one of the few successful female tour operators in the highly competitive travel industry, I had to set ambitious goals and prove myself time and again, while maintaining my integrity and providing an outstanding quality of service to all my clients. Sharing with them my passion for Italy -- either as their first exposure to my country, or as their reconnection with their own Italian roots -- has become one of my proudest achievements.
Finally, my story expresses an abiding belief that facing challenges and hardships can only strengthen our character and discipline us to become confident in our abilities and help us to actualize the successful, strong individual within each of us. And as a special "gift" to my readers, every chapter of my book includes a truly authentic Italian recipe based on my own culinary creations and the expertise of the many chefs I have met in my travels throughout the regions of Italy. It is my hope that readers will enjoy "la cucina italiana" with a hearty "Buon appetito"!
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