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Savage Conversations

Savage Conversations

"In May of 1875, Mary Todd Lincoln is confined to an insane asylum. There, she is haunted by a 'Savage Indian' who scalps her nightly and sews her eyes open. In Howe's telling, the specter haunting the widowed First Lady is one of the thirty eight Dakota men, hanged in 1862 by her husband in the largest mass execution in American history.

In reading this, I was blown away. Unmoored. Sent spiraling adrift on gusts of wind."

Rachel S.

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Author LeAnne Howe
Publication Date 2019-02
Section Fiction / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Rachel S.
Type New
ISBN 9781566895316

The 1862 mass execution of 38 Dakota nightly haunts Mary Todd Lincoln, institutionalized and alone with her ghosts.

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