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Signs Preceding the End of the World

Signs Preceding the End of the World

"This novel is like one of those industrial pocket flashlights—this thing might be little, but it burns. It’s a retelling of Orpheus, Dante, and the Odyssey, set on the U.S.-Mexico border. It features migrations, crossings, underworlds, and a singularly fearless young woman. It will illuminate your surroundings for miles."

Liz S.

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Author Yuri Herrera
Publisher And Other Stories
Publication Date 2015-03-10
Section Fiction / New Titles - Paperback / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Liz S.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781908276421

Signs Preceding the End of the World is one of the most arresting novels to be published in Spanish in the last ten years. Yuri Herrera does not simply write about the border between Mexico and the United States and those who cross it. He explores the crossings and translations people make in their minds and language as they move from one country to another, especially when there’s no going back.

Traversing this lonely territory is Makina, a young woman who knows only too well how to survive in a violent, macho world. Leaving behind her life in Mexico to search for her brother, she is smuggled into the USA carrying a pair of secret messages – one from her mother and one from the Mexican underworld

In this grippingly original novel Yuri Herrera explores the actual and psychological crossings and translations people make—with their feet, in their minds, and in their language as they move from one country to another, especially when there's no going back.

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