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Some Trick

Some Trick

"If I got a beer with Helen Dewitt, I'd eventually ask her to do impressions—reading Some Trick, you get the sense that she can do anyone, be anything. A collection so sharp & preposterous that the world is only more interesting after reading."

Jillian K.

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Author Helen DeWitt
Publisher New Directions
Publication Date October 29th, 2019
Section Fiction / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Jillian K.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780811228930

Hailed a “Best Book of the Year” by NPR, Publishers WeeklyVulture, and the New York Public Library, Some Trick is now in paperback

For sheer unpredictable brilliance, Gogol may come to mind, but no author alive today takes a reader as far as Helen DeWitt into the funniest, most far-reaching dimensions of possibility. Her jumping-off points might be statistics, romance, the art world’s piranha tank, games of chance and games of skill, the travails of publishing, or success. “Look,” a character begins to explain, laying out some gambit reasonably enough, even in the face of situations spinning out to their utmost logical extremes, where things prove “more complicated than they had first appeared” and “at 3 a.m. the circumstances seem to attenuate.” In various ways, each tale carries DeWitt’s signature poker-face lament regarding the near-impossibility of the life of the mind when one is made to pay to have the time for it, in a world so sadly “taken up with all sorts of paraphernalia superfluous, not to say impedimental, to ratiocination.”

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