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On Its Way
The Plague

The Plague

"The Plague by Albert Camus is an unabashed look at life in its most bewildering moments. Camus is my favorite philosopher and is known not only for his philosophy of 'Absurdism' but also for his Nobel-prize-winning contributions to literature, of which The Plague is one of many.

In the small Algerian town of Oran, a plague rises up almost overnight and begins killing over 100 people a day. In the midst of the chaos, camus introduces the reader to several characters, each of whom deals with the absurdity of this plague in their own ways. Camus is not only a spectacular storyteller, but, for those who are willing, he invites his readers to reflect on how we live our lives and realize that life is not so simple as we often imagine it to be."

Aaron Z.

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Author Albert Camus
Publisher Vintage
Publication Date 1991-05-07
Section Fiction / Aaron Z.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780679720218

A haunting tale of human resilience in the face of unrelieved horror, Camus' novel about a bubonic plague ravaging the people of a North African coastal town is a classic of twentieth-century literature.

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