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The Stranger (Last Man)

The Stranger (Last Man)

"Do you like fantasy-boxing-magic-medieval-manga? Created by Frenchmen? Chances are you haven't been given the chance because Last Man is the first of its kind. I was already familiar with the wonderful drawings of Bastien Vivès in Polina, a touching graphic novel about a young Russian ballerina. In Last Man Vivès is joined by Michaël Sanlaville and Balak who've pooled their collective love of shōnen manga (go read Dragon Ball) video games and long-form storytelling and the result is like nothing I've read before.  The book is fun and full of energy. The drawings practically leap from page to page and the characters are humorous, sympathetic and engaging. In a comics market half drowned in recycled characters and stories, Last Man is a transatlantic gasp of fresh air. I can hardly wait for volume 2."

Spencer H.

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Publisher First Second
Publication Date 2015-03-31
Section Children's Graphic Novels / All Staff Suggestions / Suggestions for Kids / Fiction Suggestions / Spencer H.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781626720466

The Games are already underway when Richard Aldana arrives in town. This mysterious stranger seems to have more in common with our world than the world where the Games are held. He smokes cigarettes and wears a leather jacket while everyone else in this medieval realm is casting spells and weaving tapestries. Nobody knows what to make of him, but when Aldana enrolls in the games he quickly becomes a top contender. Eschewing magic and using only his martial arts prowess, Aldana also befriends and protects a small boy for reasons as mysterious as his origins. Who will win the games? Who is Richard Aldana, really? And what is the ultimate purpose of this gruelling gladiatorial contest? With its intricate fantasy setting and heart-pounding action sequences, Last Man has become the smash hit comics series in France. Combining compelling character-driven storytelling with fast-paced adventure, Last Man is an addictive series with a cliffhanger at the end of each volume that leaves readers panting for more.

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