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On Its Way
We All Sleep in the Same Room

We All Sleep in the Same Room

"This is the best book you've never heard of. With expert skill, Rome leads his reader through the physical and emotional turmoil of a middle-aged man confronted with questions of fatherhood, marriage, infidelity and morality. What Rome does best is to make even the quietest scenes resonate with you long after you've read them. Often, I found my heart racing because Rome made me care about his characters and the decisions they made—or failed to make. Like I've done many times already, you'll push this debut novel into someone's hands and tell them it's a must read!"

Wendy B.

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Author Paul Rome
Publisher Rare Bird Books, A Barnacle Book
Publication Date 2013-11-05
Section Fiction / New Titles - Paperback / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Wendy B.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780985490294

Where do you go when you've done everything right? Tom Claughlin, a 40-something labor lawyer, has spent his life fighting an unwinnable war. A husband, recent father, and longtime advocate for the noble New York City workforce, he plunges himself into every case--a school teacher threatened with deportation, a former receptionist haunted by abuse--even as they bring him intimately closer with the firm's newest hire: Jessie, a winsome young legal assistant.

We All Sleep in the Same Room pans between the victories and flirtations of a Times Square office, and the tiffs and tenderness of a Union Square home. A simmering psychological bender, Paul Rome's debut offers a tale of moral erosion and collapse over the course of four fateful months in the fall of 2005.

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