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"I read this book on a beach. But if I call it a great beach read (which it is) you won't be prepared for everything this gritty, propulsive, intensely smart and inventive novel hurls your way. Zazen's comet-fast plot and Veselka's incandescent language wind through a sprawling, urban dystopia fascinating enough to make you forget the beach entirely. In a good way. I swear."

Brad L.

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Author Vanessa Veselka
Publisher Red Lemonade
Publication Date 2011-05-22
Section Fiction / All Staff Suggestions / Brad L.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781935869054

Somewhere in Della’s consumptive, industrial wasteland of a city, a bomb goes off. It is not the first, and will not be the last. Reactions to the attacks are polarized. Police activity intensifies. Della’s revolutionary parents welcome the upheaval but are trapped within their own insular beliefs. Her activist restaurant co-workers, who would rather change their identities than the world around them, resume a shallow rebellion of hair-dye, sex parties, and self-absorption. As those bombs keep inching closer, thudding deep and real between the sounds of katydids fluttering in the still of the city night, and the destruction begins to excite her. What begins as terror threats called in to greasy bro-bars across the block boils over into a desperate plot, intoxicating and captivating Della and leaving her little chance for escape.

Zazen unfolds as a search for clarity soured by irresolution and catastrophe, yet made vital by the thin, wild veins of imagination run through each escalating moment, tensing and relaxing, unfurling and ensnaring. Vanessa Veselka renders Della and her world with beautiful, freighting, and phantasmagorically intelligent accuracy, crafting from their shattered constitutions a perversely perfect mirror for our own selves and state.

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