Andre Dubus III


Townie: A Memoir




March 1, 2011
6:00 PM


Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138


$5.00 - On Sale Now

Harvard Book Store is very pleased to welcome acclaimed local novelist ANDRE DUBUS III as he discusses his first memoir, Townie, in conversation with another favorite New England writer, RICHARD RUSSO.

After their parents divorced in the 1970s, Andre Dubus III and his three siblings grew up with their exhausted working mother in a depressed Massachusetts mill town saturated with drugs and crime. To protect himself and those he loved from street violence, Andre learned to use his fists so well that he was even scared of himself. He was on a fast track to getting killed—or killing someone else. He signed on as a boxer.

Nearby, his father, the eminent Louisiana-born author Andre Dubus II, taught on a college campus and took the kids out on Sundays. The clash of worlds couldn’t have been more stark—or more difficult for a son to communicate to a father. Only by becoming a writer himself could Andre begin to bridge the abyss and save himself.

"Beautifully written and bursting with life, the book tells the story of a boy struggling to express his 'hurt and rage,' first through violence aimed at school and barroom bullies and ultimately through the power of words.... His compassionate memoir abounds with exquisitely rendered scenes of fighting, cheating, drugging, drinking, and loving. A striking, eloquent account of growing up poor and of the making of a writer." —Kirkus Reviews

Andre Dubus III
Andre Dubus III

Andre Dubus III

Andre Dubus III is the author of Townie, The Garden of Last Days and House of Sand and Fog (an Oprah Book Club pick and a finalist for the National Book Award). He lives with his family north of Boston.

Photo Credit: Marion Ettlinger

Richard Russo
Richard Russo

Richard Russo

Richard Russo is the author of seven novels, a collection of short stories, and numerous screenplays. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls in 2002.

Photo Credit: Elena Seibert

This event is now sold out. Tickets may be picked up at the Brattle Theatre when the doors open, starting at approximately 5:30pm on March 1.

Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St., Cambridge, MA 02138

Walking from the Harvard Square T station: 10 minutes

As you exit the station, cross Mass. Ave. and look for the newsstand Crimson Corner on the right side of the street and Curious George book shop on the left side of the street. Keeping the newsstand to your right, proceed along Brattle St. (you will pass the restaurant Tory Row). Follow Brattle St. as it curves to the right in Brattle Square (follow the sidewalk on the right side of the street). The Brattle will be on the left-hand side of the street. The building is shared with Algiers Cafe and Alden & Harlow Restaurant, and the theatre entrance is on the left side of the building—look for the sidewalk poster case and marquee.

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