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June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day, dads! For the rest of you, it's not too late to pick out a greeting card and a gift for Dad's big day on Sunday. Harvard Book Store general manager Carole recommends the new Alan Furst novel, Mission to Paris; Joseph Stiglitz's The Price of Inequality; and the fourth volume in Robert Caro's epic Lyndon Johnson biography.

Our summer warehouse sale is almost here! On Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 we'll open our Somerville warehouse once again for a weekend of good deals and unexpected finds. Click here for more information, including directions.

To celebrate Pride Month, local independent publisher Beacon Press has taken over our Publisher Focus window for the month. Beacon has been "Publishing with Pride since 1854," including the brand new Outlaw Marriages. (And doesn't the window look lovely on this almost-summer day?)

Lastly, you may have heard that Harvard president Drew Gilpin Faust has recommended incoming freshmen read Kathryn Schulz's Being Wrong, a book that advocates embracing risk and failure as a necessary part of creativity. Although the book has been out of stock at the publisher, it's part of HarperCollins's new "Comprehensive Backlist Program" (see our press release in HBS In The News), which means we can print you a fresh copy on Paige, our print-on-demand machine. Order yours today!  


'Til Next Week,

The Weekly Bestsellers already Discounted 20%
New on Our Shelves: The Latest in Fiction, Nonfiction, Scholarly Books & In Store Book Printing
Fiction The Red House 
by Mark Haddon


Doubleday, hardcover

Richard, a wealthy doctor, invites his estranged sister Angela and her family to join him for a week at a vacation home. Richard has just re-married and inherited a willful stepdaughter; Angela has a feckless husband and three children who seem alien to her. Told through the alternating viewpoints of each character, The Red House is a symphony of long-held grudges, fading dreams and rising hopes, tightly-guarded secrets, and illicit desires.

Nonfiction Superman:
The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero

by Larry Tye

Random House, hardcover
Legions of fans can recite the story of the child born Kal-El, scion of the doomed planet Krypton, who was rocketed to Earth as an infant, raised by humble Kansas farmers, and rechristened Clark Kent. From two-fisted crimebuster to über-patriot, social crusader to spiritual savior, Superman--perhaps like no other mythical character before or since--has evolved in a way that offers a Rorschach test of his times and our aspirations. In Superman, Larry Tye reveals a portrait of America over seventy years through the lens of that otherworldly hero who continues to embody our best selves.
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No Enchanted Palace The Black Revolution on Campus
by Martha Biondi

University of California Press, hardcover

The Black Revolution on Campus is the account of an extraordinary but forgotten chapter of the black freedom struggle. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, black students organized hundreds of protests that sparked a period of crackdown, negotiation, and reform that profoundly transformed college life. At stake was the very mission of higher education. Black students demanded that public universities serve their communities and that black colleges embrace self-determination and resist the threat of integration. Most crucially, black students demanded a role in the definition of scholarly knowledge.                       

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Printed on Paige
Each week, we feature a book printed in Harvard Book Store on Paige, our book-making machine. Featured books range from fresh works from local authors to near-forgotten titles discovered in our extensive print-on-demand database.  
Paige Original Blank Books from Paige M. Gutenborg 


Print on Demand, paperback
Custom-made blank journals with your choice of three cover designs. Request your choice of cover in the comments field when ordering online, or visit Paige in person next time you're in the store!
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Bargain Books
Bargain Books are new books at used-book prices. We have a limited number of copies of these titles, so if you see something that you're interested in, come in and check it out soon. To see more of our Bargain Books section, visit our Bargain Books page.
Six Not-So-Easy Pieces:
Einstein's Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time
by Richard P. Feynman
$5.99, paperback (originally $14.95)
Culled from his three-volume Lectures on Physics and book Six Easy Pieces, also made up of physics lectures, Six Not-So-Easy Pieces is celebrated physicist and professor Richard P. Feynman's examination of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. These lectures delve into not only the complexity but also the beauty of Einstein's work, and explain his theories and discoveries in a clear and entertaining style.
The Poison King:
The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy

by Adrienne Mayor

$14.99 hardcover (originally $29.95) 
A National Book Award finalist, this biography of one of the most cunning kings of ancient times details a life both complex and ruthless. Mithradates's quest to create an empire to rival, and subsume, Rome involved relentless warfare and his own creation of an antidote to all poisons, allowing him to avoid many assassination attempts.
Hans Holbein 
by Oskar Batschmann and Pascal Griener

$12.99 paperback (originally $42)
One of the most influential and well known painters of the Northern Renaissance, Hans Holbein also excelled in jewelry making, stained glass, and woodcuts. This monograph features the extent of his work, from his tutelage under his father to the works he created for his patrons in Switzerland, to the paintings he did as Court Painter to Henry VIII.      
Recent Finds Downstairs in the Used Book Department


Featured used books go fast, so if any titles interest you, stop in to check them out soon. We will hold the book if you are the first caller to reserve it. To reserve a book, call (617) 661-1515 and ask for our Used Department. We're also always looking for books to buy. Learn about selling your used books, including textbooks, here.
Believing and Seeing:
The Art of Gothic Cathedrals
by Roland Recht
Originally published by University of Chicago Press in 2008
$25 (hardcover) in Very Good Condition
Developments in medieval science that elevated sight above the other senses found religious expression in the Christian emphasis on miracles, relics, and elaborate structures. In his survey of Gothic art and architecture, Roland Recht argues that this idea of vision as a key to religious knowledge affected a broad range of late medieval works.
The Complete Weird Fantasy (4 Volumes)
The Complete Weird Science (4 Volumes)
The Complete Tales from the Crypt (5 Volumes)
The Complete The Vault of Horror (5 Volumes)
The Complete The Haunt of Fear (5 Volumes) 

edited by Al Feldstein 

Originally published by EC Comics in 1950
4 Volume Sets: $150; 5 Volume Sets: $250 (all hardcover with slipcase) in Very Good Condition
These extremely high-quality collections, which are very difficult to track down, include every single issue of the classic EC comics. Russ Cochran collected every published EC comic in the late 70s and early 80s and put them together in these comprehensive black-and-white volumes.
A Rose for Josef Sudek: 1896-1976
by Josef Sudek and various authors
Originally published by Belvedere of Prague Castle in 1996
$150 (paperback) in Very Good Condition 
This monograph features the work of Czech photographer Josef Sudek. Anthony Tognazzini, of The Prague Post, described Sudek's photographs thusly: "Perhaps best known for the atmospherically romantic shots of his native city, Sudek has the remarkable ability to transform potentially cliched images . . . into dreamlike visions of enchantment."

Author Events


Tickets on sale now:

Chris Hayes (6/27) 


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All Upcoming Events 

Simon Mawer 
Fri, June 15, 7PM

Simon Mawer, author of Mendel's Dwarf and the Booker Prize-shortlisted The Glass Room, reads from his new WWII novel, Trapeze.
At Harvard Book Store
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Joseph E. Stiglitz
w/ Simon Johnson and Robert Kuttner

Mon, June 18, 6PM

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. View our Sold Out Event FAQ  
At the Brattle Theatre       Learn More

Julia Shanks
Tues, June 19, 7PM

Local chef and slow food advocate Julia Shanks discusses The Farmer's Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your CSA and Farmers' Market Foods.
At Harvard Book Store
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John Lanchester
Wed, June 20, 7PM

John Lanchester, author of the Julia Child Award-winning The Debt to Pleasure and former Penguin editor, reads from his newest novel, Capital.
At Harvard Book Store
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The Philosophy Café
Wed, June 20, 7:30PM

"America's Broken Discussion" 
At Harvard Book Store,
Lower Level
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Alex Stone
Thurs, June 21, 7PM  

Alex Stone, journalist, Harvard alum, and magic enthusiast, discusses Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind.
At Harvard Book Store      Learn More

Summer Warehouse Sale!
Sat and Sun, June 23 and 24, 10AM to 6PM   

We open our Somerville warehouse again, featuring a wide selection of Used, Bargain, and Collector's titles at spectacularly low prices!
At Harvard Book Store
Warehouse, 14 Park St.,
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$5 tickets are also coupons good for $5 off a purchase at events or at Harvard Book Store. Coupons expire 30 days after the event, and cannot be used for online purchases, event tickets, or gift certificates. Please note that your ticket guarantees you a seat until five minutes before an event begins.

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