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June 8, 2013

I missed you all last week! I apologize for not sending a newsletter, but several of us were in New York at the publishing industry's annual Book Expo. We came back exhausted and full of new additions to our reading lists, new prospective events, and new ideas from conversations with publishers and fellow indie booksellers. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on what we learned and what we have planned!

Even now, though, we have A LOT going on. If you haven't already, mark your calendar now for our semi-annual Warehouse Sale. On June 22 and 23, our Somerville warehouse will be open with an all-new selection of discounted bargain books (yes, a discount on top of a bargain) as well as used books that have been marked down, in most cases under $5. Find details and directions here.

Father's Day is just around the corner, and as always, we have you covered. Find some of our suggestions for dads on display in the store or online here. And don't forget to pick out the perfect card to go with your gift!
Find our selection of Father's Day greeting cards on one of the card racks in the store's third room.

One possibility for Dad might be the new Kobo Aura, the latest in the line of Kobo eReaders available through indie bookstores. They just arrived in the store this week, and they're getting great reviews, including this one from Forbes. Find more information about all the Kobos we carry, along with information about the Kobo partnership with indie bookstores, here.  


Finally, a couple of great events from our partners:



Today! If you're reading this newsletter when it goes out on Saturday, you still have time to buy tickets to Selected Shorts on Tour, at the Huntington Theatre on June 8 only. Find tickets and more information here.


If you were hoping to attend our canceled April 15 event with Wharton professor Adam Grant, I have good news! He'll be in Boston this Wednesday, June 12 for an event with Boston International. It's a free event, and we'll be there selling books, so come by and hear what he has to say about success. Find full details and register for the event here


'Til Next Week,

The Weekly Bestsellers already Discounted 20%
New on Our Shelves: The Latest in Fiction, Nonfiction, Scholarly Books & In Store Book Printing
Cinnamon and Gunpowder
by Eli Brown


Farrar, Straus & Giroux, hardcover

In 1819, the renowned chef Owen Wedgwood is kidnapped by the pirate Mad Hannah Mabbot. He will be spared, she tells him, as long as he puts exquisite food in front of her every Sunday. His first triumph is bread, which he leavens in a tin under his shirt during a roaring battle, as men are cutlassed all around him. Soon he's making tea-smoked eel and brewing pineapple-banana cider. Soon, Wedgwood begins to sense a method to Mabbot's madness.Cinnamon and Gunpowder is a swashbuckling epicure's adventure simmered over a surprising love story--with a dash of the strangest cookbook never written.

Midnight in Mexico:
A Reporter's Journey Through a Country's Descent into Darkness
by Alfredo Corchado

Penguin Press, hardcover
"Midnight in Mexico is the story of a journalist's dangerous and notable efforts to report on Mexico's horrible drug wars. The book brings a special clarity, the clarity of the personal and particular, to a very important and confusing subject, and it is in itself an absorbing story, marked by careful attention to fact and also by the author's deep love for his homeland. Mr. Corchado is the kind of reporter and writer who revives one's faith in journalism." --Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Strength in What Remains
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Looking for Leroy:
Illegible Black Masculinities    
by Mark Anthony Neal

NYU Press, paperback

Looking for Leroy is an analysis of the complex ways in which black masculinity has been read and misread through contemporary American popular culture. Neal argues that black men and boys are bound, in profound ways, to and by their legibility. The most "legible" black male bodies are often rendered as criminal, bodies in need of policing and containment. In examining figures such as hip-hop entrepreneur Jay-Z and characters from the hit HBO series The Wire, Neal demonstrates how distinct representations of black masculinity can break the links in the public imagination that create antagonism toward black men.  

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Printed on Paige
Each week, we'll feature a book printed in Harvard Book Store on Paige, our book-making machine. Featured books will range from fresh works from local authors to near-forgotten titles discovered in our extensive print-on-demand database.  
Barbara in the Bodleian: Revelations from the Pym Archives
by Yvonne Cocking       


Print on Demand, paperback

Barbara in the Bodleian: Revelations from the Pym Archives is a collection of essays by Yvonne Cocking, longtime archivist of the Barbara Pym Society and a former co-worker of Pym's, based on her years of research in the Pym archives in Oxford's Bodleian Library. It includes excerpts from Pym's diaries and notebooks plus correspondence and press clippings, and focuses on the background, development, and revision of her novels.  

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Bargain Books
Bargain Books are new books at used-book prices. We have a limited number of copies of these titles, so if you see something that you're interested in, come in and check it out soon. To see more of our Bargain Books section, visit our Bargain Books page.
The Color Purple & The Temple of My Familiar 
by Alice Walker         
$8.99, hardcover (originally $22)
The Color Purple is the story of two sisters--one a missionary in Africa and the other a child wife living in the South--who sustain their loyalty to and trust in one another across time, distance, and silence. The Temple of My Familiar is described by the author as "a romance of the last 500,000 years."
A Renegade History of the United States       
by Thaddeus Russell
$5.99, hardcover (originally $27)
In vivid portraits of renegades and their "respectable" adversaries, Russell shows that the nation's history has been driven by clashes between those interested in preserving social order and those more interested in pursuing their own desires--insiders versus outsiders, good citizens versus bad. The more these accidental revolutionaries existed, resisted, and persevered, the more receptive society became to change.
ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience      
by Georges Charpak and Henri Broch       
$5.99, hardcover (originally $31)
During the most scientifically advanced period in human history, belief in the paranormal and the supernatural is alarmingly common. Debunked! is the antidote, vigorously asserting the virtues of doubt, skepticism, curiosity, and scientific knowledge.
Recent Finds Downstairs in the Used Book Department


Featured used books go fast, so if any titles interest you, stop in to check them out soon. We will hold the book if you are the first caller to reserve it. To reserve a book, call (617) 661-1515 and ask for our Used Department. We're also always looking for books to buy. Learn about selling your used books, including textbooks, here.
Republics and Kingdoms Compared
by Aurelio Lippo Brandolini
edited and translated by James Hankins

Originally published by Harvard University Press in 2009
$16 (hardcover) in Very Good Condition
This work, in the form of a Socratic dialogue, discusses free trade and the morality of commerce, the inequalities of wealth typical of republics, the nature of freedom and justice, the reasons for the rise and fall of empires, the causes of political corruption, and the conditions necessary for the flourishing of arts, letters, and culture generally. This is the first critical edition and the first translation from the original Italian.
Jackson Pollock and Tony Smith: Sculpture
by Eileen Costello
Originally published by Matthew Marks Gallery in 2012
$10 (paperback) in Very Good Condition
Published to accompany an exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Pollock's and Smith's births, this catalogue reproduces five small sculptures, all dating from the mid-1950's, including the last two sculptures Pollock made and three of Smith's earliest sculptures. An essay by Eileen Costello provides detailed analysis of the five works.
Little Nemo in Slumberland, Volume 2
by Winsor McCay   
Originally published by Checker Book Publishing in 2008
$25 (hardcover) in Very Good Condition  
This is the second of a two-volume set which collects the groundbreaking comic strip series from illustrator Winsor McCay. It features both full color and black-and-white comics detailing the adventures of Nemo in Slumberland, originally published in 1910-1915 and 1926.

Author Events


On sale now:

Niall Ferguson (6/13)
Colum McCann (6/25)


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All Upcoming Events 

Joanne Chang
Sat, June 8, 7PM   

Joanne Chang, beloved local chef and owner of Flour Bakery, discusses her second cookbook, Flour, Too: Indispensible Recipes for the Cafe's Most Loved Sweets & Savories.
At Harvard Book Store
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Tao Lin
Mon, June 10, 7PM    

Author, poet, and small press founder Tao Lin reads from his most recent novel, Taipei.
At Harvard Book Store
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Jerome Kagan
Tues, June 11, 7PM    

Jerome Kagan, Harvard Professor of Psychology Emeritus, discusses The Human Spark: The Science of Human Development.
At Harvard Book Store
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Amy Hoffman
Wed, June 12, 7PM 

Amy Hoffman, editor in chief of the Women's Review of Books and Pine Manor College professor, discusses her new memoir, Lies About My Family.
At Harvard Book Store Learn More

Niall Ferguson
Thurs, June 13, 6PM    

Harvard historian Niall Ferguson discusses The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die.
At the Brattle Theatre
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Marc Maron
Fri, June 14, 6PM    

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT. View our Sold Out Event FAQ
At the Brattle Theatre
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Joseph Ellis
Fri, June 14, 7PM 

Joseph Ellis, whose previous books on the Founders have won him a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award, discusses Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American Independence.
At Harvard Book Store Learn More

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