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January 6, 2017

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After a whirlwind holiday season of recommending gift ideas and filling shopping bags, it's back to normal here at Harvard Book Store. The decorations are down, new arrivals are hitting the shelves, event tickets are back on sale, and the third room here in the store is back to its familiar dance -- every weeknight the shelves move aside and chairs get set up for an author presenting his or her latest work. Join us!

Among our newly posted February events you'll find local novelist Andrew Krivak (a finalist for the National Book Award), Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Megan Marshall, a panel discussion on gender and color in comics, short story master George Saunders presenting his debut novel, and much more.

Check out our February lineup here.   

Community Events news3

On Wednesday, January 11th, Cambridge Forum will host "Normalizing Denial," a discussion on the climate science debate. The event will take place at First Parish Church in Cambridge. Learn more at cambridgeforum.org.

On Sunday, January 15th, hundreds of Greater Boston residents will gather to re-inaugurate their shared commitment to the rights and values that are essential to American democracy. Greater Boston Writers Resist will feature readings and performances by authors, artists, young writers, and special guests -- and will take place at the Boston Public Library. Furthermore, Writers Resist demonstrations will take place on January 15th in more than fifty cities across three continents. Learn more here.

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We appreciate the feedback we get from readers of this newsletter. Please send any comments to Alex at newsletter@harvard.com.

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New on Our Shelvesnewshelves
Difficult Women
by Roxane Gay


Grove Press, hardcover

Award-winning author and powerhouse talent Roxane Gay returns with Difficult Women, a collection of stories of rare force and beauty, of hardscrabble lives, passionate loves, and quirky and vexed human connection.

The Lost City of the Monkey God:
A True Story
by Douglas Preston


Grand Central Publishing, hardcover
"For anyone who dreams of lost times and places -- and who doesn't? -- this is the book. Revelatory, chilling, creepy, and alive with deadly snakes and insects bearing incurable disease, it's high adventure at its best, and all true." --Erik Larson

The Muses on Their Lunch Hour
by Marjorie Garber


Fordham University Press, paperback
As a break from their ordained labors, what might the Muses today do on their lunch hour? This collection of witty, shrewd, and imaginative essays addresses interdisciplinary topics that range widely from Shakespeare, to psychoanalysis, to the practice of higher education today. 
Learn More
Kids & Young Adult
Life in a Fishbowl
by Len Vlahos


Bloomsbury USA, hardcover
When Jackie discovers that her father has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, her whole world starts to crumble. She can't imagine how she'll live without him. Then, in a desperate act to secure his family's future, Jackie's father does the unthinkable -- he puts his life up for auction on eBay.
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Printed on Paige
Each week we feature a book printed on Paige, our book-making machine. Featured books will range from fresh works from local authors to near-forgotten titles discovered in our extensive print-on-demand database

Classic Hits of Lee Kidd:
Volume One
by Lee Kidd


Print on Demand, paperback

Poems by Lee Kidd (1945-2016), Coffeehouse Activist, written between 1987 and 2015, during travels to Paris, Berlin, Athens, and stateside, in Wetzel County, West Virginia and Somerville, Massachusetts.


Remainders are bargain books, new books at used-book prices. We have a limited number of copies of these titles, so if you see something that you're interested in, come in and check it out soon. To see more of our Remainders section, visit our Remainders page.
Let Me Be Frank With You: 
A Frank Bascombe Book
by Richard Ford
$5.99, hardcover (originally $27.99)
In Let Me Be Frank with You, Richard Ford reinvents his celebrated narrator Frank Bascombe in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In four richly luminous narratives, Bascombe attempts to reconcile, interpret, and console a world undone by calamity.
Learn More
The Math Myth: 
And Other STEM Delusions
by Andrew Hacker
$7.99, hardcover (originally $26.95)
In The Math Myth, Andrew Hacker outlines provocative arguments against the requirement for all students to master advanced algebra regardless of aptitude, challenging assumptions about advanced math training and proposing educational alternatives. 
Learn More
Sustainable Urbanism and Beyond: 
Rethinking Cities for the Future
by Tigran Haas
$29.99, hardcover (originally $75.00)
With more than sixty essays, this volume is a unique perspective on architecture, urban planning, and urban design, exploring ways for raising quality of life and the standard of living in a new modern era by creating better and more viable places to live. 
Learn More
Recentused Finds in the Used Department
Featured used books go fast, so if any titles interest you, stop in to check them out soon. We will hold the book if you are the first caller to reserve it. To reserve a book, call (617) 661-1515 and ask for our Used Department. We're also always looking for books to buy. Learn about selling your used books, including textbooks, here.
Mallarmé on Fashion: 
A Translation of the Fashion Magazine La Dernière Mode, with Commentary
by P.N. Furbank and A.M. Cain
Originally published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2004
$10.00 (paperback) in Very Good condition
Complete with original artwork and contextualizing introduction and commentary, this is the definitive translation of one of French literature's greatest puzzles -- the poet Stephane Mallarmé's fashion magazine that he single-handedly wrote and edited.
Hidden Wisdom: 
Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism
by Guy G. Stroumsa
Originally published by Brill Academic in 2005
$65.00 (paperback) in Very Good condition
This volume investigates esoteric traditions in early Christianity, their origin and their transformation in Patristic hermeneutics. It argues that these traditions eventually formed the basis of nascent Christian mysticism in Late Antiquity.
Good Form:
The Ethical Experience of the Victorian Novel
by Jesse Rosenthal
Originally published by Princeton University Press in 2016
$23.00 (hardcover) in Very Good condition
Bringing together philosophy, literary history, and narrative theory, Jesse Rosenthal demonstrates that we cannot understand the formal principles of the novel that we have inherited from the nineteenth century without also understanding the moral principles that have come with them.
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Browse our upcoming events, now updated into February.
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» Daniel C. Dennett (Feb 6) Online pre-sales (ticket + book) on sale now
» John Darnielle (Feb 8) Online pre-sales (ticket + book) on sale now
» Ian Rankin (Feb 9) Online pre-sales (ticket + book) on sale now
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» George Saunders (Feb 17)
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Alexandra Chasin
Fri, Jan 6, 7PM

Alexandra Chasin of the New School discusses Assassin of Youth: A Kaleidoscopic History of Harry J. Anslinger's War on Drugs.
At Harvard Book Store
Learn More
Keramet Reiter
Mon, Jan 9, 7PM
Criminology and law professor Keramet Reiter discusses 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement.
At Harvard Book Store
Learn More
Michael Holley
Tue, Jan 10, 7PM
WEEI's Michael Holley, author of previous books on the Red Sox and Patriots, discusses Belichick and Brady: Two Men, the Patriots, and How They Revolutionized Football.
At Harvard Book Store
Learn More
Gary Taubes
Wed, Jan 11, 7PM
Science journalist Gary Taubes, author of Why We Get Fat, discusses his latest book, The Case Against Sugar.
At Harvard Book Store
Learn More
André Aciman
Thu, Jan 12, 7PM
André Aciman -- author of Out of Egypt, Call Me By Your Name, and Harvard Square -- discusses his latest novel, Enigma Variations. It's the story of a man whose loves remain as consuming and covetous throughout adulthood as they were in adolescence.
At Harvard Book Store
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The Next Harvard Square Book Circle
Mon, Jan 30, 7PM
This month the Harvard Square Book Circle, our in-store book club, will discuss books 1-4 of Middlemarch.
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