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Downstairs in Harvard Book Store, you'll find thousands of used books, including works of classic and modern literature, children's books, books in other languages and nonfiction works on history, art, architecture, religion, science, and much more.

 As you browse the shelves, take a minute to look on the end of bookcases and on the walls—posted are the ephemera we find in used books we’ve bought from customers. There are bookmarks from around the world, ticket stubs from events, including one from the Republican Convention of 1948 and a piece of stationery from the Sheraton Hotel on which someone wrote "I cannot contain my loathing for Kant."

Sell us your books!

Buying hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–4pm

We buy all of our used books from customers and members of our community. The purchasing desk downstairs in the used department is staffed from Tuesday through Saturday, 10am–4pm.

If you are interested in selling us your books, please read the following requirements and guidelines:

  • All purchases require photo ID.
  • All purchases are at the discretion of the buyer.
  • Books must be in good condition. They should not have notes, highlighting or underlining, and pages must be securely bound into the book.
  • We are particularly interested in books in the following categories: classical studies, European history, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, Loeb Classics, and books in the Everyman Library, Library of America, and Modern Library
  • We buy fiction and nonfiction paperbacks in a variety of subjects including (but not limited to) mystery, science fiction, history, religion, poetry, science, psychology, and drama
  • We do not buy test prep, romances, westerns, true crime, computer books, or out-of-date travel books.
  • If there is a paperback edition of a book, we are unlikely to buy the hardcover.


Give us a call at 617.661.1515 during purchase desk hours (Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–4pm), and ask for the used department!

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