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Here are just a few of the ways you can support your local bookstore during some challenging and uncertain times. 

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American Booksellers Association Launches National “Boxed Out” Campaign, from the ABA October 13, 2020 Press Release:

The time is now for a conversation about consumer choices, the challenges of small business, and the threat of monopolies. 

20% of independent bookstores across the country are in danger of closing. Today, the American Booksellers Association launched the “Boxed Out” campaign to draw attention to the high stakes indie bookstores face this holiday season in the age of Amazon and Covid-19, with a social media campaign and installations, the first was revealed in Washington, DC, today and the rest will debut tomorrow in New York City and Los Angeles.

When these independent bookstores close Covid will be listed as the cause of death, but the pre-existing condition for many may be listed as Amazon. The brown boxes that have become ubiquitous in building lobbies and on porches are “boxing out” bookstores and other small businesses all across the country, resulting in the loss of local jobs, local sales tax, community, and support.

Allison K Hill, CEO of ABA says, “People may not realize the cost and consequences of ‘convenience’ shopping until it's too late. More than one indie bookstore a week has closed since the Covid-19 crisis began. At the same time, a report forecasts that Amazon will generate $10 billion in revenue on October 13 and 14 during its Prime Day promotion. Connecting these dots, it’s clear to see convenience has a cost and a consequence. Closed indie bookstores represent the loss of local jobs and local tax dollars; the loss of community centers; and the loss of opportunities for readers to discover books and connect with other readers in a meaningful face-to-face way.”

[Read the complete ABA press release on the "Boxed Out" campaign here.]

In a recent Los Angeles Times Op-Ed Hill said, “The same way our votes in the upcoming election will shape our country’s future, where we spend our money this holiday season will determine the communities we find ourselves in come 2021.”


From "Local booksellers push back against Amazon with #BoxedOut campaignThe Boston Globe, October 16, 2020

"Allison Hill, CEO of the American Booksellers Association, a nonprofit organization for retailers that created the program, said this year’s pushback against Prime Day is especially important.... 'COVID would be the cause of death [for these bookstores],' Hill explained. 'But Amazon would be the pre-existing condition. … The world is a little bit under Amazon’s trance. We look out our windows, and I can see porches down my street with Amazon boxes sitting on them. Those boxes have become a norm that we expect, and I think it’s time to connect the dots between them and the impact on our communities.'”

Make a HARVARD.COM Wish List!

Now is the perfect time to make a wish list on your shopping account. It's easy, and allows you to share your most coveted literary and bookish desires with your friends and family this month. With a few clicks, you can ensure an ample "to be read" pile of books this holiday season—while supporting an independent bookstore and getting exactly what you are looking for these upcoming New England winter months. [Find the step-by-step instructions, with handy diagrams, here!]

Creating Wish Lists

You can add any book or gift item from to your Wish List to create a shopping list for yourself, or you can email the list to friends and family so they know what would be a perfect gift for you. Plan your next great read or create a registry for birthday, holidays, wedding, or special occasion.

  1. You must have a account with us. You can log in to your shopping account or create one.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, search for a product in the search field at the top of the page.
  3. Find the book you would like to add, and then click on "Add to Wish List." You can add to an existing wish list or create a new one. You can have more than one wish list!

Settings for your Wish List

To change the settings for a Wish List, click on My Account, then click on the "Wish List" tab.

  • If you have more than one wishlist, select the Wish List you want and update the settings as needed.
  • You must have at least one book on a list to update the settings.
  • Settings show up under the "Create New Wish List" section.

Available Settings

  1. Title (required) - You can change the name of your wish list here (e.g. "Leslie K.'s Holiday Wishlist for 2020!," this title can be used by other site visitors to search for this wish list.
  2. Your Name (required) - defaults to your username, but you can change it if you like, this ‘name’ can be used by site visitors to search for this wish list.
  3. Event or expiration date - You can make it for a specific date: a birthday, wedding, or other special event, or you can extend the date as long as you want. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.
  4. Hide Expiration Date - uncheck if for a birthday, wedding, or other special event or occasion with a set date. If enabled, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers.
  5. Private - Private wish lists will not be listed when a site visitor searches for wish lists on the site, but can still be shared via email.
  6. Notes - Include any additional notes (description, details of event, who the books are for, etc.) which be displayed at the top of the list.
  7. Save Settings - Make sure to select 'save settings' after making any changes.

Edit your Wish List

The list of books added to a Wish List shows below the Wish List Settings section.

  • To Remove a book(s), just click on the box next to the book cover and select "Update Wish List."
  • To update the desired quantity, update the numerical value in the "Wanted" field and select "Update Wish List."
  • You may also download the list.

Email Your Wish List

  • Select the arrow next to "Email Your Wish List," then add the recipient(s) email address(es), you may enter up to ten email addresses at a time, each one separated by a comma.
  • Personalize the text for the Subject and Message; default text is provided.
  • Select the box for "I’m not a robot," then select "Email Wish List."

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Thank you for making a financial contribution to support Harvard Book Store—a locally owned, independently run Cambridge institution. Your patronage is a critical part of ensuring the future of Harvard Book Store during challenging times for independent bookstores. 

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October 15, 2020:
A letter to our community from Jeff and Linda, owners of Harvard Book Store. 

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