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By Night in Chile

By Night in Chile

"Bizarre and as astonishing as a Sebaldian fever dream, Roberto Bolaño's first novel translated into English is a deathbed rant from a Jesuit priest and literary critic. Difficult poets and political intrigue abound, making this novel as difficult to forget as it is to let go."

Spencer R.

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Publisher New Directions
Publication Date 2003-12
Section Fiction / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Spencer R.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780811215473

A deathbed confession revolving around Opus Dei and Pinochet, By Night in Chile pours out the self-justifying dark memories of the Jesuit priest Father Urrutia. As through a crack in the wall, By Night in Chile's single night-long rant provides a terrifying, clandestine view of the strange bedfellows of Church and State in Chile. 

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