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Conversation About America

Conversation About America

Author Thomas White
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date September 2017
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN X16523

The election of Donald Trump was not some once-in-a-lifetime aberration produced by bad luck, poor judgment and James Comey. Rather, it was the culmination of the Republican Party having been hijacked by the extreme right and transformed into a party that rejects fundamental ethical values. Indeed, the current Republican Party is so far from its roots that it should be called the “Faux-G.O.P.”

Conversation About America backs up this claim in an engaging fictional dialogue between a ‘mainstream’ Republican Congressman and a potential donor looking to support candidates who will champion values that truly represent America—respect, truth, and commitment to the common good. While primarily aimed at energizing citizens committed to addressing this problem, Conversation About America finally answers the question that has been haunting disenchanted Republicans, “What happened to my party?”

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