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Heritage Baking: Recipes for Rustic Breads and Pastries Baked with Artisanal Flour from Hewn Bakery

Heritage Baking: Recipes for Rustic Breads and Pastries Baked with Artisanal Flour from Hewn Bakery

"My skills are so bad that in the past I have been officially forbidden from baking. Even I was able to follow these directions to successfully grow my sourdough yeast starter and turn out a great, tasty loaf.

King, Levin, and Lee have created an excellent collection of bread and pastry recipes based around their philosophy of supporting heritage agriculture and good food."

Maddie C.

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Author Ellen King
Publisher Chronicle Books
Publication Date 2018-10-23
Section Cooking / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Maddie C.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781452167879

"There's nowhere else you can get such good bread made with flour that been so thoughtfully sourced... Here, Ellen shows you how to do it." — Mark Bittman, author of the How to Cook Everything series

A new, fresh take for the home baker's cookbook canon: No matter if you're a novice or expert, Heritage Baking will help you discover the way artisanal flours can add layers of flavor and texture. When combined with a natural starter and long fermentation, these baked goods can even be enjoyed by those who have difficulty with gluten.

• Includes 45 foolproof recipes for delicious, nutritious, good-for-the-gut breads and pastries for a wide range of artisanal flours that are readily available to home bakers
• Find in-depth master tutorials to starters, country loaves, and adjusting recipes for different flours. Plus, step-by-step photography sequences help visual learners get these fundamentals just right
• Recipes include one-of-a-kind rolls, scones, muffins, coffee cake, cookies, brownies, and more so you'll have the perfect recipes to go with breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Heritage Baking is the go-to resource for bakers of all skill levels who love new information and techniques that lead to better loaves and more flavor.

• The recipes in Heritage Baking were developed to spotlight the fresh local flours that are becoming more available to bakers everywhere
• Ellen King is co-owner and head baker at Hewn Bakery in Illinois. Amelia Levin is a cookbook author, food consultant, and writer. John Lee is a food and lifestyle photographer

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