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Life of the Party

Life of the Party

"An eulogy to the myth of childhood innocence, and a prayer for every person who has justifiably feared a dark alley, an empty parking garage, an unattended drink, a first-floor bedroom window, a man you don't know or a man that you do. For everyone who has felt the percussion of their own blood pumping, alone in the dark. How equally terrifying and comforting to know we are not actually ever alone."

Kaleigh O.

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Author Olivia Gatwood
Publisher Dial Press Trade Paperbacks
Publication Date 2019
Section New Titles - Paperback / Poetry / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Kaleigh O.
Type New
ISBN 9781984801906

"A dazzling debut collection of raw and explosive poems about growing up in a sexist, sensationalized world, from a "ferocious" (BBC), "beautifully vulnerable" (Nylon) new talent. i'm a good girl, bad girl, sad girl, dream girl girl next door sunbathing in the driveway i wanna be them all at once, i wanna be all the girls i've ever loved Lauded for the power of her writing and having attracted an online fan base of millions for her extraordinary spoken-word performances, Olivia Gatwood is a thrilling new voice in contemporary feminist poetry. In Life of the Party, she weaves together her own coming of age with an investigation into our culture's romanticization of violence against women. In precise, searing language--at times blistering and riotous, at times soulful and exuberant--she explores the boundary between what is real and what is imagined in a life saturated with fear. How does one grow from a girl to a woman in a world wracked by violence? Where is the line between perpetrator and victim? What is the meaning of bravery? Visceral and haunting, this multifaceted collection illustrates that what happens to our bodies makes us who we are"--

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