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Little Mouse

Little Mouse

Author Bill Montague
Publication Date
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print On Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780963864482

The story of Little Mouse is based on facts from Henry D. Thoreau's book Walden (first published in 1854), and from his Journal. It follows his life at Walden Pond step by step in the building of his house and through the months he spent recording his thoughts. In Walden, in the chapter titled Brute Neighbors, while building his house, Thoreau mentioned a mouse who became friendly with him just after he had laid down the first layer of floorboards.

In Little Mouse ten of Thoreau's interesting state ments are woven into the story, and then translated into words easily understood by young readers. This book will inspire young children to read Walden - (when they get a little older) one of the great masterpieces of American literature.

10,000 copies have sold so far! This is its 3rd printing. On pages 46 and 47 you will find comments from 3rd grade readers about what they thought of the story. One sample: "I loved how Little Mouse met Mr. Thoreau. She wasn't afraid. I loved how they talk to each other." - Noelle

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