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Microchondria II (Cover Design: “Photos”)

Microchondria II (Cover Design: “Photos”)

Author Harvard Book Store
Publication Date
Section Anthologies / Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN X30003

In the shortest month of the year, Harvard Book Store made a book from scratch. Again!

A collection of forty-two original short short stories (500 words or less) written between February 1 and February 15, 2015, with four original cover designs. Compiled and produced by the staff of Harvard Book Store, Microchondria II is printed in-store on Paige, our print-on-demand book machine.

Microchondria II includes microfiction by the following authors:

  • Robin Beaudoin
  • Dorothy Bendel
  • Susan Buchsbaum-Frieden
  • Chelsea Hanna Cohen
  • Mary Catherine Curley
  • Helena de Bres
  • Mary Donovan
  • William Farris
  • Jacob B. Garber
  • Marc D. Goldfinger
  • Sarah Goodman
  • W.A. Hughes
  • Karl Hutchins
  • Erin Jones
  • J.C. Jordan
  • Azalea Joyner
  • Patricia Larash
  • Victoria Large
  • Megan Low
  • Melissa Lozada-Oliva
  • Natalie Lund
  • Gail Mackenzie-Smith
  • Jamie Bellomy Maher
  • Kara Manke
  • Isabella David McCaffey
  • Joe McGonegal
  • LaTanya McQueen
  • Jonathan Meyer
  • Peter Smith
  • Elizabeth F. Sweetman
  • Grace Talusan
  • Liza Nash Taylor
  • Aaron Tillman
  • Jeff Van Dreason
  • Margaret Zamos-Monteith

Cover art by:

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