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Slouching Toward Utopia

Slouching Toward Utopia

Author George Scialabba
Publisher Pressed Wafer
Publication Date 2018-08-16
Section Essays / New Titles - Paperback
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781940396422

Slouching Toward Utopia is George Scialabba's fifth collection from Pressed Wafer, following What Are Intellectuals Good For? (2009), The Modern Predicament (2011), For The Republic (2013), and Low Dishonest Decades (2016). Like the others, Slouching Toward Utopia features trenchant commentary on contemporary politics and culture, couched in graceful and limpid prose. In addition to reviews of Samuel Huntington, Ivan Illich, Alexander Cockburn, and Mark Lilla, along with a dozen others, there is a symposium contribution on identity politics, two long interviews about intellectuals and American politics, and the title essay, a lecture offering an original meditation on how to get past the conventional wisdom about political morality and begin to at least stumble toward utopia.

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