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The Infernal Bestiary

The Infernal Bestiary

"I love a good book of imaginary beings, and this one is just beautiful.  Based on an early 19th century text, and focused on the minions of hell, the artist has re-imagined the mostly unheard of (at least by me) demons and fallen angels into something crossed between the Babadook and something from a Miyazaki film."

Brad L.

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Author Justine Ternel and Matthieu Hackière
Publisher Gingko Press
Publication Date 2019-06
Section Art / All Staff Suggestions / Fiction Suggestions / Brad L.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781584237013

Inspired by Le Dictionnaire Infernal, a treatise on demons originally published by Jacques Collin de Plancy in 1818, Matthieu Hackiere created stunning new illustrations of these dark beings in his own signature style with reinterpreted accompanying descriptions by Justine Ternel. This encyclopaedic ABC of demonology features such fell denizens as Beelzebub, Cerebrus, Jack'O Lantern, Leviathan and Satan alongside lesser-known demons such as Forcas, Gamygyn and Halphas and compiles a record of their wicked deeds and atrocities.

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