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The Little Book of Witches

The Little Book of Witches

"An enchanting little 'themed' exploration of the figure of the witch in legend and history. For me the thing about it that's, well, magical are the beautiful and rarely-seen late-19th century colored illustrations. They make the book a joy."

Alan H.

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Author Dominique Foufelle
Publisher E/P/A Editions
Publication Date 2020-10-28
Section Gift / Seasonal Books / Myths / Tales / Legends / All Staff Suggestions / Alan H.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9782379641053
  • Richly Illustrated with beautiful lithographs, this volume presents the history of witches and witchcraft through 78 thematic spreads
  • Beautifully packaged - hardback, foam filled, with gilt edging

How does one become a witch? What is the difference between white and black magic? What does a witch look like? Why do witches get together for a sabbath? What do they put in their potions? Why do we associate them with black cats? How were witches punished in the Middle Ages? Beautifully illustrated, this little album is a pocket-sized encyclopedia, presenting the stories of witches and witchcraft through history.

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