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The Mosaic Economy

The Mosaic Economy

Author Jennifer Leonard
Publisher Printed at Harvard Book Store
Publication Date 12/05/13
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN X9589

The Mosaic Economy is a description of the varieties of economic activity that come together to provide a mosaic of jobs and opportunities in today’s economy. The idea of a mosaic suggests that it is possible to look at the economy in different ways, allowing different pictures to emerge. When we look at the mosaic, certain key themes and patterns emerge. Entrepreneurship. Technology. Building community. Creating healthy personal environments. A re-emergence of manufacturing and artisanal production. Values of environmental concern, fair trade and social connectedness interwoven into all areas of economic activity. The idea of a mosaic encourages readers to form their own interpretations of the economy, seeing different patterns and themes each time they take a fresh look.

The focus is on leading a gentle, inviting conversation. Many economic analyses are full of urgent 'ought-to' messages, leaving audiences and readers feeling somewhat drained and powerless. This book seeks to make people feel empowered as they read. Readers should be creatively empowered to “add to” the story of the mosaic and personally empowered to take small positive steps to build their own careers, support others in their career development, or know that they can have a positive impact on the economic development of their communities.

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The subject of today's economy has never been a topic of conversation that I have eagerly entered into, as the discussions tend to lead to negativity and despair. However, after reading this informative and encouraging book, I find myself wanting to look deeper at my own career development, and the steps that I have taken to get to where I am in my current career. Also, in my work as an Internship Coordinator, I am constantly emphasizing to my students the importance of developing "soft-skills" needed for career success, and that these skills are transferable to any career. After reading this book, I will now have further information to provide the students regarding first career steps and the "bigger picture" relating to the exciting mosaic economy which they will become an integral part of!

K. Almeida
July 2, 2014


I found this book fascinating. I have never studied or been interested in economics so this book was a great introduction for me. It is peppered with contemporary and understandable examples of the economic principles that Ms. Leonard is describing. I see life from a new view!

Karen Hohler
July 2, 2014


Initially I bought this book to inspire a young new entry into to the work force. As an older reentry into the work force, I found that it was just as relevant to my situation. It was nice for a change to read about the flexibility of the American economy instead of the usual epitaph on an economy that is far from dead.

Dwayne Ratleff
January 26, 2014

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