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There Will Be No Intermission [SIGNED]

There Will Be No Intermission [SIGNED]

Author Amanda Palmer
Publication Date
Section Biography / Music / Signed Books
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN X18529

Order a paperback signed copy of Amanda Palmer's THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION.

We have a limited number of signed copies in stock now. We can ship books throughout the United States or hold your book for in-store pickup. 

Created over three years in tandem with the record itself, these are the ultimate liner notes. This thick, 90 page, beautifully-printed 12" (vinyl-sized!) coffee-table artbook contains a treasure trove of narrative photography (mostly directed by the celebrated art team Kahn & Selesnick, with additional photos by Allan Amato and Stephanie Zakas) and a long series of thoughtfully-written AFP essays about the songs and the stories behind them. 

Includes all the lyrics from the record, and prints that can be detached/cut-out and framed.

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