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We Have a Lot to Say

We Have a Lot to Say

Author John Pyper
Publisher Printed on Paige
Publication Date January 2016
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Format paperback
ISBN x13767

"We have a lot to say" is a catalogue of interviews with the artists of BRINK v2, an exhibition at the Boston Center for the Arts that is scheduled from January-March of 2016. The exhibition includes sculpture from Johnny Adimando, Samantha Fields, Coe Lapossy, AJ Liberto, Steven Pestana, and J. R. Uretsky The catalogue includes an introduction from editor and curator John Pyper, exhibition checklist, and a selection of images for each artist.

Adimando with Amy Díaz-Infante
Fields with Judith Leemann
Lapossy with Bug Davidson
Liberto with Seth Alverson
Pestana with Norman Coady
Uretsky with Denise Markonish.

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