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What Riley Wore

What Riley Wore

"'Are you a boy or a girl?'

Riley said, 'Today I'm a firefigher. And a dancer. And a monster hunter.

And a pilot. And a dinosaur.'

'Oh,' said the kid. 'Want to play?'"

Kaleigh O.

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Author Elana K. Arnold
Publisher Beach Lane Books
Publication Date 2019-08-27
Section Children's (4 - 7) / All Staff Suggestions / Suggestions for Kids / Kaleigh O.
Type New
ISBN 9781481472609

Gender-creative Riley knows just what to wear for every occasion during a busy week with family and friends in this sweet and timely picture book from Elana K. Arnold and Linda Davick. Riley wears whatever clothes feel right each day. On Monday, Riley feels shy and wears a bunny costume to school. On Tuesday, a scary trip to the dentist calls for a super hero cape. For a trip out with Otto and Oma, a ball gown is the perfect outfit. This charming picture book is a gentle exploration of self-expression and source of encouragement for being true to oneself despite the expectations of others.

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