Frequent Buyer Program

Our Updated Frequent Buyer Program launches January 22, 2024!

Our updated Frequent Buyer Program, lauching January 22, 2024, is our way of saying "Thank You" to all the customers who choose to shop at Harvard Book Store, a locally owned independent bookstore. Sign up for a free account now.

It's free to sign up, and members will receive the following benefits:

In-person and by phone:

  • For every $100 you make in qualifying purchases* (see below for exceptions) in-store, you earn a $5 coupon for a future purchase (at Harvard Book Store). These discounts can be used right away, or we can store them in our system until you’re ready to use them. 

  • Eligibility for our Frequent Buyer Sale, now twice a year!: Our Frequent Buyers receive 20% off all qualifying purchases, with no dollar limit—at Harvard Book Store and online at Check for details, and bring your shopping list!

  • 20% Off Best Sellers: Our weekly best sellers are 20% off for members of the Frequent Buyer Program, in the store and online at! View our weekly Best Sellers here.

  • 20% Off Monthly Featured Titles: Our monthly featured titles, part of our "Select Seventy," are 20% off for members of the Frequent Buyer Program, in the store and online at! View our Featured Titles here.

  • And more benefits to roll out later!

Online at

  • 20% Off Best Sellers: Our weekly best sellers are 20% off for members of the Frequent Buyer Program, in the store and online at! View our weekly Best Sellers here.

  • 20% Off Monthly Featured Titles: Our monthly featured titles, part of our "Select Seventy," are 20% off for members of the Frequent Buyer Program, in the store and online at! View our Featured Titles here.

  • Each quarter that you make at least one online purchase, you will earn a $5 coupon towards future online purchases. These coupons will be automatically issued in the first week of the next quarter.

Rewards earned in our previous Frequent Buyer Program:

  • If you have unused discounts earned in our previous program, you can use them in-store or by placing an order by phone.

  • Those discounts cannot be used online, unfortunately.

Have questions about benefits and online member discounts? Email

What are qualifying purchases?

  • Most categories of merchandise sold at Harvard Book Store in Harvard Square – including used books, remainders, and apparel – count as qualifying purchases for the Frequent Buyer Program.

  • Exceptions to in-store purchases qualifying for the program include merchandise on sale (discounted items sold at 10% or 20% off, e.g. Holiday Hundred, Select Seventy titles, Featured Titles, Best Sellers, and Frequent Buyer redemptions), gift cards, and gift codes. Purchases made off-site and via third parties (e.g. books at events, event tickets, books bundled with event tickets, books at our Warehouse Sales and, book sales via our affiliate storefront at and, merchandise from Bonfire) are excluded, as well as Signed First Edition Club subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you launching a new program?

This new rewards program is just the latest step in our efforts to bring our point of sale and inventory systems into the 21st century. The dollar-based rewards are easily accumulated and tracked in our new register program, which we rolled out last year. This means less complications and more rewards for you!

How do I check the status of my old rewards?

A bookseller at the store can tell you whether you still have unused discounts available to you.

If you know you’ve amassed more than a few and are curious as to how many, please email and we’ll let you know the exact status.

How can I redeem my old rewards?

Rewards from our prior program can be redeemed in-person or by phone.

How do I check the status of my new rewards?

You can ask a bookseller, either in person or by phone, or you can email with your question!

How can I get 20% off Best Sellers and Monthly Featured Titles on

Be sure to log in to "MY ACCOUNT" with your username and the discount will automatically be applied to your eligible selections at checkout. If you don't see the discount applied to the best sellers in your order, make a note in the comments that you are a Frequent Buyer member and we'll apply the discount when your order is processed.

Signup Form

Dear Frequent Buyers

In case you missed it, here's the message sent out to Frequent Buyers announcing updates to the program, effective January 22, 2024.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Announcing Updates to Our Frequent Buyer Program

Dear Frequent Buyers,

Happy New Year! We are writing to you and other Frequent Buyer Card members with news of an update to our longstanding loyalty and discount program here at Harvard Book Store.

In 2023 we updated our register and inventory systems with a modern system to better serve our customers. In turn, we are now updating our Frequent Buyer Program for a clearer set of benefits, as noted below, with fewer complications and more rewards for you. We look forward to announcing even more benefits for Frequent Buyer members in the coming months!

Our new Frequent Buyer Program will launch on Monday, January 22. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Existing Frequent Buyer card discounts that you have accrued under the previous program aren't going away!

  • Frequent Buyers will continue to receive 20% off our monthly featured titles and weekly best sellers purchased in-store at Harvard Book Store and online at

  • Our annual Frequent Buyer Sale is becoming a twice-yearly affair! Those shopping our twice-annual Frequent Buyer Sales will receive 20% off their in-store and purchases. 

  • It’s free to sign up for a Frequent Buyer card!


  • Every time you spend $100 on non-discounted items, you’ll earn a $5 coupon to use on a future in-store purchase.

    • These $5 rewards never expire.

    • Redemptions are limited to one coupon per item, but there's no limit to how many coupons you can use on a single multi-item purchase (and rewards cannot exceed the total purchase price). You can start redeeming your rewards once you’ve used up existing Frequent Buyer discounts from the previous program.

    • These dollar-based rewards are accumulated, easily referenced, and tracked in our new register system!

    • As always, coupons are eligible for non-discounted items only. 

    • The above also applies to purchases by phone.


  • You will receive a $5 coupon (for a future purchase) in your inbox each quarter that you make an online purchase at (Note that online purchases do not accrue in-store points.)

Additional Benefits:

  • Advance notice of select author events! 

  • Early access to virtual warehouse sales!

  • More benefits to come!

Email Us with Questions

If you have questions about the updated Frequent Buyer Program, please check out our FAQ.

If you would like to make updates regarding your contact information or to check the quantity of Frequent Buyer discounts you currently have accrued, please email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Send along any additional inquiries not answered in our FAQ as well!

And Thank You!

Please know that your continued support ensures the future of this landmark, indie bookstore, and we appreciate you taking this next step along with us! So thank you!

And, whether you first visited Harvard Book Store last week, or decades ago, thank you for being a Frequent Buyer!

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