September 22, 2011

Minimum Paige: A Harvard Book Store Comic Anthology

Introducing Minimum Paige, Harvard Book Store's first ever comics anthology, printed right here on our in-house book machine, Paige M. Gutenborg. A project this bold—this heroic—could only be accomplished by the most dynamic of duos: caped crusader (and mild-mannered Harvard Book Store owner) Jeff, and Linden the Printing Wonder!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Minimum Paige and to our book trailer.

All rights to artwork, of course, belongs to the creators.


Hot off the printing press at Harvard Book Store to your hands, it’s the first ever HBS comics anthology, Minimum Paige!

Published on our in-house book machine Paige M. Gutenborg, Minimum Paige has something for every reader. Whether it’s action and adventure, friendship versus competition, the supernatural and the autobiographical, or even marshmallows, you’re bound to find something from this deep pool of incredibly prolific and talented writers, artists, and creators who prove you don’t need a whole novel to tell a great story.

Minimum Paige collects stories from local Cambridge-area creators and the winners of a worldwide comics contest for a vast array of work that you can’t find anywhere else!