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How Not to Get Eaten: More than 75 Incredible Animal Defenses

How Not to Get Eaten: More than 75 Incredible Animal Defenses

"If you are an adventurer, explorer, or simply an animal and nature enthusiast, this is an absolutely essential guide to making sure you stay safe in the wild. Learn how to protect yourself from all kinds of predators using the natural attributes from your body, dodge and outwit your foes with your speed and instincts, and even fight back with your body's weapons. I love this book for the combo of fun illustrations and vibrant pictures, the variety of biomes and creatures to learn about, and the fun and interesting take on learning about nature's smartest animals and plants!"

Julia V.

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Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780744056501

An in-depth look at the many clever, creative, and crazy ways that animals protect themselves from predators.

For many animals, life is a constant battle to stay off a predator’s menu. So they’ve had to come up with lots of cunning ways to avoid being eaten. From camouflage and color-changing, natural armor, playing dead, great escapes, detachable body parts, and impressive ways of fighting back, the range of survival tactics in the natural world is quite astonishing (and sometimes pretty disgusting). 
How Not To Get Eaten is a fun introduction to the ingenious antipredator strategies in the natural world. Discover how meerkats post sentries to guard their homes and possums play dead, to how mimic octopuses change their shape and bombardier beetles unleash a chemical weapon attack. Perfect for children aged 7–9, the book is filled with intriguing illustrations and spectacular photographs of the amazing, obscure, and incredibly strange. You'll never look at nature the same way again!

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