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The Creative Tarot: A Modern Guide to an Inspired Life

The Creative Tarot: A Modern Guide to an Inspired Life

"There are many good tarot guides out there, but whether you’re a beginner looking for a good place to start, or someone who’s been reading tarot for a while and are looking for a fresh perspective, Jessa Crispin’s The Creative Tarot has a bit of something for everyone in it. Crispin’s interpretation of each card focuses on its relationship to the creative process—touching on burnout, creative block, hyperfocus on passion projects, and more. The specificity of her focus opens up new angles with which to interpret the cards.

Even when I’m not looking for help with a specifically “creative” query, I will often turn to this book when a particular card is stumping me in a reading, and find a new insight or inspiration. The Creative Tarot is also organized up by card number/rank, rather than suit, which for me added another layer of understanding in noticing patterns in my readings. A good addition to any tarot practitioner’s shelf!"

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Author Jessa Crispin
Publisher Touchstone
Publication Date 2016-02-16
Section Personal Growth / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Read D.
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781501120237

A hip, accessible, and practical guide for artists and creative people looking to tarot for guidance and inspiration in the tradition of The Secret Language of Birthdays and Steal Like an Artist.

What if the path to creativity was not as challenging as everyone thinks? What if you could find that spark, plot twist, or next project by simply looking at your life and your art through a different lens?

Written for novices and seasoned readers alike, The Creative Tarot is a unique guidebook that reimagines tarot cards and the ways they can boost the creative process. Jessa Crispin guides you through the intuitive world of the tarot to get those creative juices flowing again. Thought to be esoteric and mystical, tarot cards are approachable and endlessly helpful to overcoming creative blocks. Crispin offers spiritual readings of the cards, practical information for the uninspired artist, and a wealth of fascinating anecdotes about famous artists including Virginia Woolf, Rembrandt, and David Bowie, and how they found inspiration.

With five original tarot spreads and beautiful illustrations throughout, The Creative Tarot is an accessible, colorful guide that demystifies both the tarot and the creative process.

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