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Clandestine America

Clandestine America

Author Carl Oglesby
Publisher Protean Press
Publication Date 11/2020
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here / US History
Type Print on Demand
Format paperback
ISBN 9780991352050

As conspiracy theories reach a heady roil in today’s globally networked environment, Carl Oglesby’s political work offers context and sheds new light upon what may prove to be the mother of all conspiracy theories: “The Secret Ending of World War II,” the ramifications of which have echoed throughout modern American history, from the Kennedy assassination to Watergate and potentially through to the bitter partisanship of 2020 America.


Combining selections of Oglesby’s work on his political awakening, deep state conspiracies of the Kennedy assassination and Watergate, and a previously-unpublished work proposing a shocking secret ending to World War II, Clandestine America invites and motivates readers, scholars and political thinkers to identify a through line -— and to question authority, dig deeper, and either refute or validate Oglesby’s horrifying findings. 


“Oglesby is one of the few contemporaries I read for the pleasure of clarifying my own thinking. [... The Yankee and Cowboy War is] The most readable book on conspiracies and assassinations I have read and also the most stimulating. I think Oglesby is one of our first-rate political writers, skilled, always interesting, and with a rare gift for making political theory as lucid and exciting as a good narrative.” — Norman Mailer


“Written with grace and fervor.” — Howard Zinn about Oglesby’s autobiography, “Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History of the 1960s Antiwar Movement”

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